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My husband has been a pilot with Hawaiian Airlines for about ** years. Last year (or maybe it was around Nov. '21) he applied for a religious exemption for his sincerely held religious beliefs. First he filled out a lengthy application, then he had a very long "interview" and was then denied. Turns out ALL employees at HA that applied for religious/medical exemptions were denied. Actually, I believe two employees were granted the medical exemption and they were in high up corporate. He then had the option to sign either a one year unpaid leave contract, promising to get the injection before the end of the year or be terminated OR sign something where he would be terminated immediately. He didn't like the verbiage of either but decided on the unpaid leave in case things changed between then and the end of the year.

He began applying to other airlines and got a job. He made it clear why he was on unpaid leave with HA and they were fine with that. So we packed our bags and moved our family from Hawaii.

About a month after he was done with training, he got the call that he could go back to HA--they had dropped their mandate. We decided to wait until the end of the year to make a decision about going back and told them he would be back in January when his unpaid leave contract was up.

It was a difficult decision for us, but we decided to go back to Hawaii/Hawaiian Airlines. Our family is here, our home is here, not to mention the pay/schedule/seniority was so much better at HA.

It was a very challenging year for our family, but we don't regret the decisions we've made thus far. I'd 100% rather have an unemployed healthy husband than the alternative. We are unsure what the future holds--what will HA try next? But we trust the Lord in all of this and are prepared to say "aloha" to his job again if need be. For now, we are grateful he has a job and if that changes down the road we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

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Unconscionable and disgusting. We all need to STAND UP, together, and just say NO to this madness. They should have never gotten away with this. It must and will end.

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It was never about the virus.

It was always about getting the poison death shot into arms...and seeing how compliant people would be.

It's not over.

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“It’s no wonder employees hate their employers right now.”


I have no words.

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Since this is a US DoD military action that uses "protype countermeasures", (not a regulated pharmaceutical medical intervention) that neither required clinical trials nor informed consent, I wonder what really can be done? About 7 scroll pages down, see the chart of what is actually required and what data is tracked with an EUA.


Are y'all working with Sasha Latypova or Katherine Watt? They both uncovered an absolutely treasure trove of information about how we got to where we are.

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I cannot believe that they are STILL asking these private, invasive questions. When did it become their right to know the details of someone’s medical history (aside from the obvious fitness to fly stuff). And that question asking if the person used a template…

I would try to refuse filling out this form and instead submit a written statement. But, I now have the experience of the last two years, so not face the prospect of losing out of my dream job, and am a little older than the young folks filling this out. So I grant grace to the poor employee faced with this intrusive, inquisition-like form.

These things must, at this point, be being underwritten by some larger, financial incentives, or something. It would be laughable that anyone is subjecting employees to this at this point, except that they are and it is hurting people.

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