Hi Flying Cristina, my husband works for one of the major's. Currently he is an FO on the 787. I've been tracking some recent Idaho air incidents as we live here, and for obvious reasons, I'm interested. Skygoddess suggested that I reach out to you to provide three crash incidents that have occurred here in my home state just in the past 10 days. These are all non-commercial pilots, single engine aircraft.

July 30, 2023: 78-year old Jonathan Van Cleave of Midland, TX was killed in a plane crash when it went down near Big Creek in Idaho’s Frank Church Wilderness. The pilot was the only person on board. His body was recovered by Two Bear Air Rescue on July 31st. The NTSB and FAA are reportedly investigating.




August 4, 2023: 63-year old Kevin Yagues of Boise, ID was piloting his plane when at 10:18am during taking off, it crashed at the Forest Service Airstrip in Idaho City. The Chief Deputy Coroner stated the same day as the crash that Mr. Yagues died on impact of “blunt force trauma.” The NTSB and FAA are reportedly investigating.




August 8, 2023: A 66-year-old man from Ammon was hospitalized after his plane crashed at Rigby Airport. Unsure whether there were mechanical issues as witnesses at the airport suggest mechanical; however, the article linked below makes it sound as if he had started to gain altitude, then he began to turn back to the airport, his wing dipped hitting the ground, and then the crash occurred. It’s been reported that the FAA will be investigating.


Thank you for your work with US Freedom Flyers!

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And yet no one addressed the elephant in the room…. Losing many seasoned senior pilots who chose not to take the mandatory and experimental gene therapy plus increased medicals in the remaining flight officer group….

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